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  • Where are you based?
    I'm currently living in Ericeira on the Silver Coast of Portugal, but I am available for callouts From Sesimbra to Porto. Travel fees will apply, calculated based on location and scope of job.
  • How do I book?
    Please complete the booking form under the CONTACT tab. If I am available, I will issue an invoice. A booking fee will be indicated on the invoice, which then has to be paid to secure your appointment. This will be part of the total, and not additional to the service fees.
  • What payment types do you accept?
    - EFT/direct bank transfer - PayPal/Wise - cash
  • Can I bring someone to my trial?
    The trial is really an opportunity for me to get to know you and understand your likes and dislikes beyond just the hair and makeup consultation. Guests' opinions quite often lead to confusion on the bride's behalf and could be a bit distracting, stealing some of your precious time. If you would like a loved one's input, I suggest having them join for the last portion of the trial. We will also take loads of photos for you too refer back to and share with those you'd like to hear from.
  • I have a big bridal party, can you handle doing everyone's hair and makeup?
    The amount of people I can manage per booking will depend on a few factors, including how much time is available on the day and how many people require what type of service. For my brides, I typically book out 2,5-3h on the wedding day, bridal parties 1h per hair/makeup application, event clients require 1h per application with around 20min for a thorough consultation. As I am fairly new to Portugal, I am still building a trusted network of colleagues. For now, I can not take responsibility for booking additional stylists or artists.
  • Should I book a trial?
    All my bridal services include a trial as a standard. Every MUA is different, but I personally feel that a trial is a non negotiable for a wedding. This gives you the opportunity to see if you love a look on yourself as much as you do that Pinterest inspo pic. We have time to tweak and play until the look is perfect for YOU. Everyone's hair and skin is different, which means that products will react and wear differently on almost everyone; the opportunity to do a wear test and adjust prep and setting techniques according to your needs is absolutely invaluable. On the big day, we can apply those perfect tweaks on a clean base and the results are ALWAYS more flawless than at the trial.
  • Can I bring pictures?
    Absolutely yes! Having a visual representation of what you like is an amazing starting point. However, keep your hair colour and length, eye shape/colour and skin tone in mind. Think about what it is about the reference you like.. Is it the colours of the eyeshadow you like or the shape of it? do you like the makeup or is the model really pretty and you actually just want her face? Do you like the colour of the lipstick or the slight contrast of the lip liner that accentuates the lip shape? It's also important to remember that almost everything on Pinterest is photoshopped (quite heavily), and that makeup can not replace cosmetic procedures and photoshop. Not to mention the influx of AI generated images and video filters that obscure even the starting point of some makeup looks we see online. The skin texture you arrive with, will be the skin texture you leave with - makeup can not remove lines or bumps. A fantastic way to set realistic expectations for yourself is to combine Pinterest references with references from your artist's own page. Most of us are very transparent with our work and do not photoshop our clients' images.
  • How do I know if you are the right MUA for me?
    Aside from making sure you love my work on social media/online, here's a bit about me.. I'm an artist at heart, free spirited and a little bit quirky. I truly believe there is no "wrong" when it comes to makeup, even the most outdated of trends can be modernized into a timeless look that encapsulates what you love. Would you believe me if I told you one of my favourite bridal looks included a pop of blue on the eye? It's all about finding harmony and ensuring you LOVE the way you look because that always shows in the end result. When booking me, you're not only getting a MUA/hairstylist, but a cheerleader for your big day. Whether you're getting ready by yourself and have me as your trusty companion, cracking jokes and hyping you up, maybe you need a bit of help reigning in some of the bigger personalities/opinions on the day, or you might even want some quiet time to put on a meditation while we glam to get you in the right headspace for your event. Either way, I'm here for it! I've realized the value being a chronic overthinker adds to my career. You can rest assured that every aspect of your trial will be analyzed in DETAIL after the fact, I take into account the person I got to know in those few hours as well as everything mentioned about the makeup we did and formulate the best possible application for YOU. As a proud weirdo myself, consider this an open invitation to let your weird shine around me. It's partly thanks to some of my ASD & ADHD clients that I ended up pursuing my diagnoses in my mid 20's. I truly believe there is no "wrong" when it comes to makeup, even the most outdated of trends can be modernized into a timeless look that encapsulates what you love. Would you believe me if I told you one of my favourite bridal looks included a pop of blue on the eye? It's all about finding harmony and ensuring you LOVE the way you look because that always shows in the end result.
  • What products do you use?
    A makeup artist's kit is so personal to each artist and I consider mine to be alive and ever-evolving. Most of my kit has been compacted into more ergonomic/lightweight packaging in order to carry more product and make everything more accessible during an application. Some of my current faves include: - Bioderma - Bobbi Brown - Milk makeup - Laura Mercier - e.l.f. cosmetics - Benefit - Chanel - Charlotte Tilbury - Fenty - MAC - Lanolab - Benefit - NARS - Stila - Jeffree Star - ColourPop - KVD - INGLOT - Illamasqua
  • What about skincare?
    A good skincare regimen in the months leading up to your wedding is vital. Skin can really make or break a look. Dermaplaning with a hydration boost a few day before our appointment will be an absolute game changer and I recommend that to all my clients as it allows for a much smoother application. That being said, I do apply skincare as part of a makeup application. Over the years I have established products that work magic together. I mostly use Bioderma products on my clients with a few others here and there.
  • Should I supply my own lashes?
    I prefer to use individual false lashes on my clients, it is more versatile and customisable to different preferences and eye shapes. This is included in all my makeup services, whether we need one or two to make your own lashes look a bit fuller or if we are going all out to create a voluminous look.
  • What about my lipstick fading throughout the day?
    I offer touch up kits to my clients. As a standard, a sample of your lip product or lip combo is included. If you are interested in a full sized version of your lip combo (usually a liner, lipstick and a gloss) please pre-arrange with me and I will source that for you. Take note that full sized products will be charged accordingly.
  • Should I use extensions for my wedding?
    I've never had a client regret adding good quality clip-ins to their wedding hairstyle. Extensions add length and volume, allowing for a fuller, more polished look with more possibilities for details in both up and down styles. Their biggest benefit in my opinion, however, is the massive difference in holding power between extensions and simply using your own hair. If you want to forget about the impact of the weather, dance until 2am and have your hair still looking just as flawless as when it was freshly styled at 12:00, extensions will be your best friend.
  • Do you supply hair extensions?
    Not at the moment, but I am working on finding the best quality extensions in Portugal so that I can offer extensions on a rental basis to my clients.
  • Do you supply hair accessories?
    I love working with hair accessories, but it is asked that you provide these yourself. It's usually best to have more than one option so we can play around and see what suits your hairstyle, dress and other accessories best. But watch this space...
  • Can I arrive with wet hair?
    Please don't. Drying hair adds quite a bit of time to our styling session. Clean, thoroughly dried hair is the best canvas for styling so your hair type, texture and needs in terms of styling aids can be accurately determined in order to deliver optimum results. Dirty hair does not style better, that may have been the case when your mom had to get your hair into a neat ponytail for school, but we don't want anything weighing down hair or potentially compromising kit hygiene.
  • What tools/products do you use?
    Curlers and irons are all GHD, hairdryer is Dyson. Styling products include Keune, GHD, NAK Haircare, Redken, Got2B and Design.Me.Hair. and Kristin Ess.
  • Can I do two different hairstyles for my wedding ceremony and reception?
    YES! I love a little Miss -> Mrs transformation. Let's discuss your needs as there is more than one way to approach this. We can either work on a day booking rather than booking for each individual application, or do opt for a style that can easily be taken down by you or a bridesmaid.
  • Curls never last and my hair always falls flat but I want it down for my wedding.
    Extensions will be your best friend. Nothing has holding ability quite like high quality clip in extensions. Your hair's natural ability to hold a curl can be helped, but it's important to remember that more styling products usually means more weight added to your hair which will not help defy gravity to make those beautiful curls last. If you are not open to considering an upstyle for the sake of longevity, its definitely more than worth it to invest in extensions. Another thing to consider is the location of your wedding. Indoor weddings allow for far more intricate styles, and leave less room for external elements like wind/humidity to affect your style.
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